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The College has created a new video that was recently shown at Clinical Congress. The video focuses on the critical need for surgeons to have a strong voice and seat at the table in all patient care decisions, especially as the health care environment continues to change. The video successfully highlights why surgeons have a unique and important perspective and focuses on the need to strengthen the collective voice of all surgeons, especially in our efforts to reach health care leaders, policymakers, and the public. The video can be downloaded at:

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Plan now to participate in the 2020 Fall Virtual Meeting of The Wisconsin Surgical Society, A Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. The meeting is scheduled for November 6, 2020.

The Wisconsin Surgical Society is a professional academic society that encourages the exchange of research and information in all areas of surgery. Usual attendance includes the surgical chairs of the Wisconsin teaching institutions, the directors of the residency programs, surgeons in active clinical practice, residents and students. Annual attendance is approximately 175 surgeons and resident students primarily from the state of Wisconsin.

Interested companies can send a 2 minute mp4 video that would be available for viewing per these guidelines. Additionally, the videos will be on the association’s website until November 6, 2021.

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About The Wisconsin Surgical Society

Founded in 1946, The Wisconsin Surgical Society, A Chapter of the American College of Surgeons, stated its business and purposes to be “…the cultivation and the improvement of the science and art of surgery for the betterment of surgical care of the citizens of Wisconsin and the closer professional and social relations of the surgeons of the state and such other matters as may properly come before its sphere.”

From its initial membership base of fifty-one surgeons, the association now boasts over 400 members.

Virtual Conference Hours

Illustrative Agenda – Subject to Change

Friday, November 6, 2020

7:30-7:40       Welcome Remarks

7:40-9:00       Abstract Session 1

9:00-9:15       BREAK

9:15-10:30     Abstract Session 2

10:30-10:45   BREAK

10:45-12:00   Abstract Session 3

12:00-1:30     LUNCH BREAK

1:30-1:50       WSS update

1:50-2:20       American College of Surgeons

2:20-2:50       Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin

2:50-3:15       BREAK

3:15-4:45       Multispecialty enhanced recovery panel

4:45-5:00       BREAK

5:00-6:00       Fireside chat with past WSS presidents

6:00                Awards

Your Investment Cost                 $1,000

For more information about the conference, please contact:

Terry and Terry Estness
Executive Directors
The Wisconsin Surgical Society
2408 North 67th Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Payment can be sent to the address listed above. Online payment can by clicking here.

President's Message

Membership of Wisconsin Surgical Society

I would like to provide an update to the WSS membership. The WSS council recently held our Spring Meeting. With the ongoing COVID pandemic many items were discussed, the most pressing was the fate of our Annual Meeting at The American Club.  The reality is that multiple societies and organizations have altered or cancelled their meetings with the uncertainties that we all face. Concerns over ability to travel, reimbursement, maintaining practices, the quality of scientific programs, and the ability to meet in groups have been raised by the leadership of the WSS.  The American Club has generously allowed us out of our contractual agreement during these unprecedented times by forgiving our financial obligation for this year in exchange for holding the fall meeting in Kohler for an additional two years.

It is my unfortunate duty to inform the society that our annual in person meeting in Kohler will be cancelled this fall.  I will work with the Program Committee and a group of members as we explore options for holding a virtual meeting this fall. As the details are worked out we will keep the membership up to date. I understand that cancelling the regular meeting will impact many of the members, but the WSS council feels this is the best way to preserve our society’s financial resources.  I hope we can bring together a virtual conference this fall to meet the needs of the students, residents and members that use our platform to present research, obtain CME and network with others in our very active chapter.

One additional item to pass to the membership is that the council has proposed that officers and council members stay in their current roles for an additional year. This decision will allow the transition to new leadership to occur at the next regular fall meeting allowing the new president to give a formal address as is our chapter’s tradition.

An additional item is our new Chapter Initiative Fund. The WSS has started the Chapter Initiative Fund where members can donate directed dollars to our chapter through the ACS. These are tax deductible donations that can be directed to our chapter by mailing funds to:

Attention: Shane Hollett
American College of Surgeons Foundation
635 N St Clair
Chicago, IL  60611

On the check, note in the lower left hand corner, “Wisconsin Chapter Fund”

Chapter Initiate Funds uses include but are not limited to: scholarship, educational grants for travel/accommodations for the ACS Clinical Congress, research scholarship/fellowship, international guest scholarships, initiatives that advance the mission of the ACS.

If you have yet to pay your dues for 2020, please take the time to do so now. You can renew online here. Now, more than ever, your dues are needed to help sustain the Society.

Please feel free to contact the society or me directly with any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing everyone back in Kohler in November 5-6, 2021 for our next in person conference and hope to see everyone virtually this fall with a new conference format during this pandemic year.

Thank you

Brian Lewis MD FACS
President of the Wisconsin Surgical Society